by: John Veneri

First Posted on Khon2: Apr 14, 2021

Karen Gibson is a former special education teacher who started Brain Builders, a private tutoring business in 1999. Bases on her success with Brain Builders, she’s expanded into parent coaching and released a book to help parents with “100 Parenting Tips inspired by the Pandemic.”

The pandemic has resulted in many parents experiencing more stress in emotionally connecting with their children. There are many factors such as discipline and control issues, and feeling helpless when it comes to helping their kids with their distance learning challenges.

These are just a few topics discussed by Gibson.
“Any stress your child is experiencing is going to translate into extra stress on the parent-child relationship. Listening to your child, meeting them where they’re at, being vulnerable, making them feel heard, worthy and understood is the main take away. “100 Parenting Tips Inspired by the Pandemic” started out when my friend, Deslynn Jaquias, who lives on Kauai, suggested I do mini parenting tip videos on Facebook. I ended up doing daily videos for 100 consecutive days + 100 Instagram Lives which turned into a book.”

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Letting Go with Aloha, LLC (parent coaching business)

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