Karen Gibson profile pictureKaren Gibson is a mom/wife/private tutor/author whose mission is to support moms and dads who are navigating the rollercoaster journey of parenting. She recorded 100 parenting tips that she posted on her social media & YouTube Channel: Letting Go with Aloha. You can also find her on Instagram & TikTok @ Letting Go with Aloha.

"Karen, my parenting coach, has empowered me to release being a helicopter mother since last year in 2020. As a single mother I desired to see my son excel his school performance, but I was excessively checking on him. She taught me to trust his process and in time I did. I feel happier and so does my son. I highly recommend her. She also has two books she published with a wealth of parenting tips and tricks. She is genuine, relatable, and fun-loving as a coach. I highly recommend Karen as parenting coach. Book a discovery call with her today. "

Deslynn Jaquias

Mother & Empowerment Coach

"Got the chance to listen to your interview on the radio and you crushed it! Thought your insight on how parents judge themselves as a result of their child's grades, behaviors, level of respect, etc. was super interesting. You are so right that there are so many things parents don't know and can't control that it's unfair for them to feel that guilt! Wow! What a great job you did! Really excited to hear more of these!" T.H.

"Karen was a Godsend to Nicholas, my oldest son who is now 22 years old when he was in middle school. At 3 years old, I knew he was learning differently from other kids. Upon the recommendation of our pediatrician, we had Nicholas tested through Easter Seals and found out he qualified for special education through DOE. School wasn’t easy for Nicholas and I felt somehow that I failed as a Mom! We all were stressed and pulling out our hairs. Home should be a respite place for your child, to seek solace from the outside world. But that wasn’t the case in our home. Then one day I saw Karen’s billboard car drive pass and took her number down. Karen tutored my son which took a huge load off of me. Karen allowed the mistakes to be made with her which was a huge relief for Nicholas because he knew it wasn’t like that with me. Fast forward 10+ years, Karen will be tutoring my youngest son Tanner who is 12 years old. Completely different child and learning abilities, I wanted to reach out to Karen so she could rescue me from going insane once again. Like many other kids, they’re capable of doing the work but just lazy or unorganized. While Karen tutored Nicholas on his actual school work, she will be assisting Tanner in being organized and maintaining a schedule of his assignments. I introduced Tanner to Karen and I could instantly see that he felt comfortable with her. I am looking forward to this renewed relationship with Karen and mentorship with Tanner. As parents we can only do and talk so much, however sometimes it’s received better when coming from someone else.

That someone else is Karen!!!!" ~Teri Luna~

First-time author Karen Gibson brings to the table her experience as a therapist, a mom, a daughter, and a wife in her debut book, Mama’s Got To Let Go: How To Let Go Without Losing Your Sanity. In this book, she takes readers along with her on her journey towards calm, confident, and effective parenting.

Her advice goes beyond parenting, however, and can be useful to anyone who has a hard time letting life happen without beating themselves up for not doing more or doing the wrong thing.

Karen’s story is one that many (most?) parents can relate to - wanting to protect your child against all harm and ensure the best possible life for them. However, she learned the hard way that sometimes you need to let go in order to let your children learn about life the hard way because that’s what will actually be best for them - and YOU - in the long run.

Along the way, she gives good advice and practical suggestions for parents looking to achieve a guilt-free, calm, supportive but not controlling relationship with their child.  Abbe M. Longman

I wish I had this book years ago. It would have saved me much grief and depression. Even now, Karen's advice is perfect for the never-ending life of parenthood. If you want to raise your children into resilient, happy adults while honoring your purpose as a loving and wise parent, read this book! - DK Thompson

It's not easy being a mom... or an adult wanting to live in a perfectly controlled environment....but filled with drama n people who push your buttons.
It was like Karen was wearing my shoes at the most difficult times. Encouraging words. Find peace. Worth reading!! - Sandy Pandy



After endless worrying and sleepless nights due to anxiety and catastrophizing thoughts, I discovered how to use my fears as a stepping stone to surrendering.  Once I learned how to let go of my fears, amazing results materialized. Helping other mamas who struggle with riding an "emotional rollercoaster" is my passion. Seeing other moms benefit from my lessons continues to been my greatest inspiration.


My mission is to help parents, families, guardians and caretakers reduce stress, increase joy and learn how to coexist peacefully.  My goal is to teach you how to successfully lead without overwhelm.  I offer tools to surrender unrealistic expectations while eliminating exhaustion and help you to better enjoy the relationship with your loved ones instead of seeing it as a stressful journey.



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