book-review-Mama's Gotta Let Go

"Helpful tips for mamas! I wish I read this book during our 3 boys' younger years. I enjoyed reading it. A must read to all parents." - Merlyne Goze-Lim


"This book is not just about parenting but also about take care of yourself being a parent.According to this book, our job as parents is not to prevent our children from hardships, but to support them when they fall. This is a hard lesson to learn as parents. This book is very easy to read and understand... read more" - Jas Koo


"Wish I read this a few years ago! It would have saved me much grief and depression. Even now, Karen's advice is perfect for the never ending life of parenthood. If you want to raise your children into resilient, happy adults while honoring your purpose as a loving and wise parent, read this book!" - DK Thompson


HONOLULU-HI (KITV-4) Author and Parent Coach, Karen Gibson was on Good Morning Hawaii and advises, that once parents learn to accept and trust in their child’s journey and release the guilt, they will eventually experience more peace and less stress.
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I was honored to be invited to speak about my perspective on pandemic parenting challenges on KHON2's Living808.

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Parenting Tips for empty nesters + what kids should do this summer!

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Time Management Tips for Students: How to organize, how to use a planner/checklist, and how to overcome procrastination.

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How do you deal with conflicts with your child? How do we overcome guilt as a parent? What should we do when our child pushes our buttons?