About Me

Karen K.C. Gibson


As a former special education teacher who taught students, ranging from 12 - 17 years old, under psychiatric care, I discovered that the mothers of these children often suffered from extreme emotional stress.  They shared how they partially blamed themselves for their children's behavior.

In the past twenty years as an educator, and twenty-four years as a mother of two daughters (ages 17 and 23), I have experienced countless times where I feel like I did not possess the required skills needed to be an effective parent.  Prior to becoming a teacher and a mother, I was the marketing director of the Hawaii State Bar Association.  I witnessed many moms who felt their decision to join the legal profession consume themselves with guilt.  They lacked the time and energy required to fulfill their "mom duties."  Mothers who choose to stay at home are equally as stressed as they often feel their workday never ends.

As a certified life coach, private tutor, certified Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner and former special education teacher, I have discovered that most moms are way too hard on themselves.  Our self-criticism and inability to "let go" often lead us feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained.   I founded the Letting Go with Aloha coaching program as well as wrote: "Mama's Gotta Let Go - How to Let Go without Losing Your Sanity" for moms who are tired of the daily overwhelm, who are barely surviving and who are in desperate need of guidance.

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