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Grades Are Not Everything: What Matters More for Success

The Parent Coach: Tips on Parenting thru the Pandemic

by: John Veneri First Posted on Khon2: Apr 14, 2021 Karen Gibson is a former special education teacher who started Brain Builders, a private tutoring business in 1999. Bases on her success with Brain Builders, she’s expanded into parent coaching and released a book to help parents with “100 Parenting Tips inspired by the Pandemic.” … Read more


What is the #1 Parenting Tip that Your Child Desperately Craves?

If parenting were a gourmet dish, its secret ingredients would include love, discipline, consulting, and guidance. Supportive parents make it a priority to show their children that they are loved no matter what, and even if they fail a class, commit a crime, or engage in behavior that breaks a parent’s heart. The most challenging … Read more


Preparing For The Holidays After Losing My Mom

The day after Thanksgiving is my mom’s celebration of life. Nothing can prepare you for death, but witnessing my 90-year-old mom suffer from Alzheimer’s has been quite an emotional rollercoaster. Some days I feel at peace, knowing that my mom reunited with my dad on his heavenly birthday. Other days, I wish I had just … Read more


Create A Safe Environment For Your Kids to Express Their Feelings

Many kids feel afraid or worried about expressing their feelings,  especially when they feel anger or anxiety. If your child fears being judged or lectured, they might be reluctant to share their feelings and problems. Many children will internalize their worries, suffer from sleepless nights, endure knots in their tummies, and even have a hard … Read more


The Secret to Empowering Children is Through Parent Empowerment

How can we empower ourselves in the midst of the overwhelm that sometimes leads us to question our worth as a parent? Empowerment is defined as “people having power and control over their lives.” How do we control our children to make the best decisions? Empowerment has nothing to do with controlling our children. It … Read more


Releasing Guilt

Do you feel extreme guilt over every harsh comment, threat or action you chose because face it, every parent feels like a failure during those challenging times where you wonder “where the Hell did I go wrong?” So, I made a conscious effort to listen, be compassionate and trust that “this, too, shall pass” every … Read more


Letting Go of Parenting Expectations

Being a private tutor of my own tutoring business (since 1999) plus a former classroom teacher (1995 – 1999), I mistakenly thought I could tutor my daughter, discipline her by taking away privileges so she would be motivated to do what she “should” be doing in school.  I yelled and resorted to threats, once taking … Read more