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Karen K.C. Gibson

Founder, Letting Go with Aloha

Aloha! I am a certified life coach and private tutor with over two decades of working with moms and tutoring clients ranging from three to sixty-one. My experience includes helping hundreds of overwhelmed mothers learn how to parent with peace, release the guilt, deal with attitudes and surrender unrealistic parenting expectations. I have also taught students of all ages and discovered that children's personality styles often conflict with their parents' personality styles.  This dynamic can result in frustrating communication battles, stressful interactions which ultimately lead to extreme exhaustion for moms.  My Letting Go with Aloha online course, book and coaching offer an opportunity for moms to reduce stress and increase joy in their lives! Are you ready to take the plunge and discover how you can be a happier mom where stress no longer runs your life?

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My Story

As a mom of two daughters, ages 17 and 23, I've had many opportunities to let go. As a planner, I thought I could teach my girls to prevent procrastination. As a private tutor, I thought I could teach my girls the importance of putting academic responsibilities as a top priority. I think as soon as we earn the "mom crown," we feel the stress of being the "perfect mom." Even though our souls know perfection is a very unrealistic goal to strive for, we want to feel respected and acknowledged for being more than just a competent mom.  We don't want to just earn a "C" as a mom.  We want to be the valedictorian as a mom.  We feel judged and compare ourselves to other moms who seem to have it all.  The moms whose kids easily earn straight A's, excel in their extracurricular activities and consistently keep their rooms looking as if Mr. Clean was their professional cleaner.

Do you find yourself feeling like you're failing as a mom? I felt responsible when my youngest daughter started suffering from anxiety, refusing to go to school on some days saying she was too sick, failing to turn in assignments, throwing up due to her overwhelm/stress, and transforming from an honor roll student to one who prayed she would at least pass.

I wrote "Mama's Gotta Let Go: How to Let Go without Losing Your Sanity" and created my "Letting go with Aloha" online course for overwhelmed moms who feel they have lost control of their lives.

Do you wonder if it's impossible to make time for self-care? Do you feel pulled in so many directions that there are days that you wish to escape? If you are suffering from busyness, lack of time, lack of energy, lack of control and too much stress, this course is for you.

If you want to feel calmer, have more energy and enjoy being a mom, this course is for you.

I invite you to give yourself permission to invest in this course to take care of you.

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My Mission


My mission is to help moms reduce stress, increase joy and learn how to parent peacefully.  My goal is to teach moms that it is possible to successfully parent without feeling overwhelmed.  I offer tools to surrender unrealistic parenting expectations while eliminating exhaustion. Once moms learn how to get rid of the distorted perception they feel that they are failing as a mom, they will enjoy the journey of parenting instead of seeing their mom role as a stressful journey.



My Story

 After endless worrying and sleepless nights due to anxiety and catastrophizing thoughts, I discovered how to use my fears as a stepping stone to surrendering.  Once I learned how to let go of my fears, amazing results materialized. Helping others who struggle with riding an emotional "mom rollercoaster" became my passion. Seeing other moms benefit from my lessons has been my greatest inspiration.